Febreze Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – Halftime Bathroom Break

Febreze TV Commercial 2017: Watch the Halftime Bathroom Break Febreze Super Bowl 51 Commercial #HalftimeBathroomBreak.

This TV ad spot for Febreze with Odorclear focuses on an often overlooked part of Super Bowl Sunday – The halftime bathroom break.

After holding it in for hours while we enjoy the football and entertaining ads, it’s that moment when you can finally get away from the TV for long enough to get to a toilet.

But to deal with the resulting stink, Febreze offer their unique air refreshing solution.

Commercial running time: 30 seconds.

YouTube video upload date: Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

YouTube video description: Is your bathroom ready, America? Prepare your busiest room at the SB51 party with a new Febreze SMALL SPACES for the Hafltime Bathroom Break. Then tune in to the Big Game at halftime to see our ad in action, if you can hold it that long.