Kaiser Permanente TV Commercial Song – ‘Grow Old With Me’

Thrive Kaiser Permanente US TV Commercial Music 2015 – Song and singer information.

This new September, 2015 ad from Kaiser Permanente uses a track called ‘Grow Old with Me’, which is sung by British singer-songwriter Tom Odell.

Originally released in the UK in September of 2013, you can now download the single from Amazon and iTunes.

The sections from the song that were included in this 30-second ad include the lyrics: ‘Grow old with me. Let us share what we see. Just you and I. . . Grow old with me. Let us share what we see. And oh the best it could be. Just you and I.’

If you’d like to hear the track in its entirety while also watching its official music video, then your in the right place. We’ve positioned that very video at the bottom of this page.

This is not the first time the 24-year-old musician has had one of his songs featured in a TV advertising campaign, having seen his 2014 cover of John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’ provide the soundtrack to John Lewis’ most recent Christmas ad. For any singer or band in Britain, having one of your tunes selected for the annual John Lewis festive commercial is a pretty big deal.

Oh, and for anyone who doesn’t know, Kaiser Permanente are a California-based healthcare consortium who currently happen to be the largest managed care organization in America.

Tom Odell – ‘Grow Old with Me’ Music Video