McCoy’s Crisps Car-aoke Go Bold Advert – Summer 2015

Watch a plumber let himself go big time in this new UK advert for McCoy’s Crisps, singing and dancing to the Ella Henderson track Ghost.

First shown in late August, 2015, this fantastic new commercial from McCoy’s shows an everyday British plumber release his inner diva.

To begin with, he can only bring himself to sing some occasional caraoke, when there’s nobody else close by. But you can tell by the passion in his eyes, this man’s like a volcano ready to erupt.

Stopping off at the fuel station, the bearded gent grabs himself a packet of McCoy’s, the sight of which almost instantly appears to trigger some kind of hallucinogenic effect. As if he was back in his truck with nobody watching, this legend suddenly breaks into a full power rendition of Ella Henderson’s Ghost, adding what look like some unrehearsed dance moves along the way.

Finally appearing worn out and somewhat unaware of the events which recently took place, the guy hauls himself off the shop floor to complete his snack buying transaction.

The ad finishes with the slogans ‘Go Bold’ and #BeTheRealMcCoy. Could this commercial be the first in a MoneySupermarket style series? We certainly hope so.

Here’s the edited 16 second version of the advert, which will most likely be the one shown most often on TV: