McDonald’s Chicken Selects Advert – Women Stuck in a Lift

McDonald’s UK TV Advert: Watch the full length video of McDonald’s new Chicken Selects commercial, showing two ladies stuck in a lift.

McDonald’s first new TV ad for 2017 shows two women getting stuck together in a lift. After initially keeping themselves to themselves, the pair soon become friends.

After trying on each others shoes or scarf, sharing stories from their lives, playing games, looking at photos and listening to music, help for the girls eventually arrives and they’ve even brought some McDonald’s Chicken Selects – strips of chicken breast in a crispy seasoned coating.

But despite having seemingly bonded during their time trapped together, it appears these ladies still aren’t close enough to share such tasty food.

Advert running time: 60 seconds.

YouTube video upload date: Monday the 26th of December, 2016.

YouTube video description: Chicken selects – tender chicken breast strips in a seasoned, crispy coating.