Oreo TV Commercial 2017 – New Oreo Thins ‘Wonderfilled’

Oreo Commercial 2017: Watch the video of the latest Wonderfilled TV ad for New Oreo Thins #OreoThins.

If you find original Oreo’s tasty, but too thick for your liking. Or if you just fancy something a bit different, then you’re probably going to love new Oreo Thins which offer the cookies same great taste, but now in a thinner and crispier form.

If you like the look of new Oreo Thins but haven’t yet tried them for yourself, you’ll be pleased to know they’re now available in multiple varieties.

Commercial running time: 30 seconds.

YouTube video upload date: Monday, January 23, 2017.

YouTube video description: Introducing new Oreo Thins. The great taste of Oreo, now in a thinner and crispier treat. #OreoThins.