Pot Noodle Advert – ‘You Can Make It’ Boxing TV Commercial

No matter what your dream may be, Pot Noodle could give you the time it takes to make it a reality. #YouCanMakeIt

I genuinely didn’t see the ending of this ad coming. This new September, 2015 TV commercial for Pot Noodle shows a young guy dreaming of making it into the pro boxing ring and training hard to make it happen.

Although the bit about ‘less time cooking, more time chasing my dreams’ does make some sense, I thought surely they’re not going to start marketing Pot Noodle’s as some kind of weight training supplement. After all, they’re hardly loaded with protein.

Then we hear what could be a great slogan for the pot-based snack: ‘After all, success doesn’t come on a plate.’

But just as we’re watching the ad, thinking this guy’s way too small to be a pro boxer, it turns out those extra minutes have indeed made all the difference and our man’s made it all the way to Vegas.

At the point where the proud family gather around the TV and we’re all thinking ‘no way’, we discover we had it wrong all along. The guy never wanted to be a boxer, he wanted to be a boxing ring girl. And by the look on his face, he couldn’t be happier.

Finally the music kicks in, a song presumably recorded especially for the advert seeing how it features such lyrics as ‘You know that I’m a winner, winner’, ‘You get it from the pot’ and ‘Put your hands up, yeah put your hands up.’ Another great ad from a company you could never accuse of taking themselves too seriously.

If your wondering who the actor is in this latest Pot Noodle advert, according to the St Albans Review, he’s 22-year-old Max Slocombe from Chiswell Green, in the City of St Albans, Hertfordshire.

The above video was uploaded to Pot Noodle’s official YouTube channel on Tuesday the 1st of September, 2015.