Pot Noodle Advert 2017 – Donald Trump-Inspired Geordie Gary ‘You Can Make It’ Commercial

Pot Noodle Advert 2017: Watch the full length version of Pot Noodle’s new President Donald Trump-inspired ‘You Can Make It’ TV commercial, starring Geordie Gary. #YouCanMakeItGary

Although they don’t mention America’s new president by name, Pot Noodle’s latest TV ad gives Donald Trump’s story a Geordie twist through their character Gary.

The advert follows the story of this everyday bricklayer from the North-East of England, who borrows some money off his Dad to turn his Mum’s house into a Bed and Breakfast.

Following some hard work, Gary soon owns four massive hotels, gets married to a canny lass, builds up a social media following thanks to some controversial comments, fronts his own reality TV show and finally becomes president of the United States. Where do these advertising agencies get their ideas?

As was also the theme with the brands previous boxing-themed commercial, Geordie Gary was apparently able to achieve all this success because he ate Pot Noodle’s instead of wasting his time cooking.

Advert running time: 60 seconds.

YouTube video upload date: January 18, 2017.

YouTube video description: Ever dreamt of making it as the most powerful person in the world?

Pot Noodle believe you can achieve your dreams, whatever they may be, and show this in a new video depicting a bricklayer called Gary, having his life transformed and elevated into the Oval Office. #YouCanMakeItGary