UK TV Adverts

AO Advert – Sun Light Delivering Tomorrow

This new 2018 TV advert for sees peoples everyday lives being interrupted when the sun appears to begin flickering. After initially appearing shocked and confused, two AO workers soon figure out the issue and how to put it right. The pair head into the warehouse to collect a replacement 174 quadrillion watts giant sun light bulb, which suggests this is a more common problem than reactions first had us believe. The guys then head off to the horizon to swap the old faltering sun for the new one.

This ‘Delivering Tomorrow’ advert video was uploaded to the YouTube channel on 23 July, 2018. We’re not sure of all actor’s names, but we do recognise the guy with the beard (who reminds us a little of comedian Dave Gorman) as Dan Mersh, who’s previously appeared in ads for Beagle Street.