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Who’s the Aviva advert actor? – Horse & Tin Man Wearing a Dress

In one of the more amusing adverts on television right now, this UK ad for the Aviva Drive App with Dash Cam shows a man making a poor attempt at describing an incident he had in his car. As part of making an insurance claim, the guy explains how a horse ran out into the road, wearing a dress, with the horse being followed by a tin man who was also wearing a dress.

The first time you watch this commercial, you wonder what the heck the man is talking about. But everything quickly makes sense at the end, when we’re shown dash cam film footage of a horse running out into the road from some kind of medieval re-enactment, followed just behind by a knight in full chainmail armour. All this while driving along the A413 on the way to Aylesbury. The advert is designed to demonstrate how having dash cam footage can be extremely handy for tricky to explain situations.

Who’s the Aviva advert actor?

Although we don’t have official confirmation, we believe the name of the actor starring in this 2018 Aviva advert is Joey Ansah, who is a British director, actor and martial artist who’s appeared in such films as Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist and The Bourne Ultimatum.