UK TV Adverts Advert – Actor and Song Details

We can only assume that James Corden’s schedule has finally filled to the point where he finally has to turn down work. Either that or Confused have consigned the comedian and talk show host to the same fate as BRIAN The Robot. Whatever the reason, this change has created an opening for someone new to front the insurance comparison sites ads.

Who’s the Actor in this New 2018 Advert?

The name of the guy starring in this ‘Confusion To Clarity’ Confused TV ad campaign is Timothy Murphy, who’s a 58-year-old Los Angeles-based Irish actor, best known for starring in such television series as True Detective and Sons of Anarchy, along with the Netflix comedy Grace and Frankie.

Timothy Murphy is seen driving James’ old classic Mercedes car in this commercial, as he talks viewers through the modern day chaos of fake news, experts with no expertise and the overwhelmingly confusing range of deals on offer. Advert Song 2018
Song: Rumble.
Musician: Link Wray.
Download At: Amazon or iTunes.

The piece of guitar music that just kicks in at the end of this video is a song called ‘Rumble’. This track was released in 1958 by the American rock and roll guitarist Link Wray, along with The Raymen.