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Dodge Commercial Song – Asphalt Party

This new summer 2018 ‘Asphalt Party’ TV commercial for Dodge advises viewers that, due to the danger of sharks, “It’s a good week to stick to the streets”. Finishing with the slogan ‘Dometic. Not Domesticated’, the ad spot shows people enjoying the kinds of activities they’d usually do on the beach or in the sea, but in a car park instead. From sunbathing and playing volleyball, to surfing and even jet skiing.

This Dodge commercial song features the lyrics “Summer again”, but we’ve so far been unable to identify what the track is, or if it was recorded just for this ad. We’ll update this page if we receive any further details on the music.

This ‘Asphalt Party – Sharks can have their week. We’ll stick to the streets’ ad video was uploaded to the Dodge YouTube channel on July 22, 2018.