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Google Commercial – Prom Trends In Search

Check out all the song and singer info behind the new Google ‘May I have this dance? Prom trends in Search’ 2018 internet and TV commercial.

Google’s latest ad video gives viewers an insight into what America is asking the search engine this prom season, with such questions as how to ask someone to dance, how to shuffle, how to electro shuffle, how to swing dance, how to floss and how to shoot dance apparently proving popular requests.

Song: Pilot with a Fear of Heights.
Singer: Felicity.
Download From: iTunes, Amazon.

Featuring the lyrics “I’ve been thinking ’bout you all night. Like a pilot with a fear of heights. You got me thinking like ooh”, the music playing in this commercial comes from the Australian-born, but now New York-based artist Felicity.

The singer-songwriter released this pop single for full download on May 18, 2018.

Finishing with the slogans ‘To the movers and shakers. And flossers. – Search on’ the 30-second video was published to the Google YouTube channel on May 21, 2018.