How to Make Your Weddings Extra Special with Dynamic QR Codes

Weddings in June started as a tradition during the time of ancient Romans. This tradition comes because if a couple marries in June, the bride will be more likely to give birth to its first child in early spring. Thus, providing ample time for her to recover before the fall harvest. 

Aside from the tradition set for June weddings in this period, reasons like the times people bath in spring during the Middle Ages in Europe are also looked upon by the historians today. 

Setting aside these traditions, weddings today can be set anytime and anywhere (as long as the arrangements are well-prepared). 

But as the preparations for the wedding can cause unprecedented delays and last-minute changes, the need to use a technology that meets these changing needs rises. 

Why should couples use a dynamic QR code to make their wedding special?

Like other events, weddings are one of the strenuous occasions that both the planners and the couple find challenging to prepare well. As setbacks can come in their way, it is essential to modernize their methods in planning these special occasions. 

QR codes are one tech tool they can use to modernize most of their preparations today. 

Thankfully, with the availability of a QR code generator online, planning a wedding today has become easier than before. With a dynamic QR code, they can now make their wedding special. 

Here are the ways that you can employ in making your wedding special using QR codes

Whether you are planning to simplify how you prepare your wedding using technology and direct guests to your RSVP portal, email, and more, couples can use dynamic QR codes to lead them to these landing pages online. 

Here’s how couples can use them.

1. QR codes for wedding seating arrangement

Couples can use QR codes to store a digital copy of the wedding seating arrangement that guests can follow and identify. 

Using one can inform their guests ahead and guide them on the wedding arrangements during and after the ceremony. 

2. QR codes for RSVPs

Before mailing the wedding invitations with a response card weeks before the event, couples need to plan out the cost of the seating arrangement and catering for the reception first. This planning is best for couples that want to stick to their wedding budget. 

While it is an effective method to employ, the guests that receive the RSVP can misplace the cards, get their mail lost, or never return with a response. Who even has time for snail mail?

Because of this issue, couples planning their weddings can ask guests to opt-in using a QR code for registration and embed their RSVP link there.

The couple will easily know the headcount as invited guests will just need to scan the QR code and tick the “I am attending” button. 

3. QR codes for Thank You Cards

As a way for couples to thank everyone who made their day special, they can use QR codes that when scanned, will direct users to a thank you message in the form of a video or PDF file. 

To add a personalized touch, they can also integrate the use of a QR code generator with logo online and create their custom Thank You Card QR code.

4. QR code for digital wedding gallery

Make your wedding special by digitalizing how you share wedding photos with your guests and loved ones using QR codes. 

Couples can do it by simply creating a QR code for a digital wedding gallery and adding it to their tokens of gratitude cards

This can also be projected at the wedding reception wall, with everyone sharing their favorite photos during the ceremony.

5. QR code for receiving monetary gifts 

As the couple is entering a new chapter in their lives, things like building a new home and starting a family require a specific amount of money.

To help them have a head start in life, guests can have the option to send monetary gifts to the couple by scanning the QR code created to receive funds and entering the amount they want to send. 

Weddings are one of the most sought-after events in a person’s life; seamlessly experiencing it is something that QR codes can help organizers and guests with.

Making a wedding that stands out can be achieved using QR codes. Start modernizing how organizers and couples plan for their dream weddings using this offline to online technology.