UK TV Adverts

I See Vimto In You Advert

Vimto TV Advert 2018 – Watch the extended version of the new ‘I See Vimto In You’ 2018 ad for British soft drinks brand Vimto, which encourages viewers to simply relax and close their eyes.

With the voiceover first advising us that this advertisement works best if we close our eyes and relax, this TV ad then proceeds to display on-screen messages to those cheeky enough to keep their eyes open, messages like “You Little Rascal. I like You. You’re Our Kind Of Person. If You Followed The Rules You’d Have Missed This Fella And These Guys”.

The video, which was published to the Vimto YouTube channel on 4 June, 2018 and is set to a piece of operatic music, then states “You Kept Your Eyes Open. Boring Drinks Might Work For Some. But You Deserve Something Refreshingly Different. You Deserve This”.