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Jeep Commercial Song, Summer – Connection

Watch the full ad spot video, plus get the band and song info to this new 2018 Summer of Jeep ‘Sold Out – Connection’ TV commercial. A group of friends arrive at a concert in their redesigned 2019 Jeep Cherokee with Apple experience, only to find the gig is sold out. So the friends head off-road to get a free view from up in the hills.

Jeep Commercial Song 2018
Song: Connection.
Band: OneRepublic.
Download From: iTunes, Amazon.

The band starring in the ad are OneRepublic, who we see and hear performing their brand-new single ‘Connection’. Featuring the lyrics “Can I get a connection”, the single was just released for download this June.

This ‘Summer of Jeep – Full Line – Sold Out – Connection’ ad video was published to the Jeep YouTube channel on June 27, 2018.