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KFC Commercial Actor – What’s for Dinner? Sitcom

Who plays Colonel Sanders in the new 2018 KFC commercial?

KFC’s latest TV ad has been created in the style of a classic sitcom, so it’s fitting that the commercial stars actor Jason Alexander, who famously played the character George Costanza in one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, Seinfeld. Wearing those iconic glasses and white suit, along with the beard, it’s hard to tell apart different actors who’ve played the Colonel in recent years, but look closely and you’ll see this one is definitely Jason.

This KFC ‘What’s for Dinner? – $20 Variety’ ad video shows Colonel Sanders arriving with a bucket of his fried chicken to feed a family of four. But this guest proves so popular that they don’t want him to leave after dinner, with the Colonel even replacing the Mum and Dad.