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Kia Commercial Song – Truly Connected Family

Watch this new ‘Truly Connected Family’ commercial video from Kia Motors Worldwide and find out which female singer is performing the adverts song.

The ad shows a father picking up his daughter in the car after she’s had an unsuccessful day busking in the pouring rain. He then plays a song for her on the Kia’s stereo via its phone Bluetooth connectivity.

That song featured in this Kia commercial is performed by a Korean-American singer named Kate Kim (케이트 킴), who’s currently based in South Korea. Kate describes herself as a newbie K-Pop singer and part-time YouTuber.

This piece of music doesn’t appear to have been released so far as a full single, but these are the lyrics we hear sung in the ad: “Never know how much it hurts, seeing you go down a lonely road. Wishing I can carry you back home, to me. And there is nothing I fear, more than seeing your tears fall. I’ll be there when you call me. Because seeing you smile is all that’s worth while in my life.”

The Truly Connected Family video was published to Kia Motors Worldwide’s YouTube channel on 30 May, 2018.