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Laser Marking Machines - Industrial Fiber Laser Systems

Datalogic is a Manufacturer of laser marker and laser marking systems. They offer different types of lasers that can keep various materials. The advantage of using a fiber laser is that it has higher power, produces less heat, and is a better option for metal applications. Moreover, these products are cheap to buy, as they do not require any consumables and maintenance. Additionally, datalogic has an excellent customer support and can provide free samples.

Graphics Editing & Keeping Control

The company also offers affordable лазерный маркер купить systems and tabletop laser marking systems. These machines can be divided into graphics editing and keeping control. The graphics editing is done on a computer, while the marking is done on a control card. The control card runs the control software. The data generated by the graphics editing is stored in an LDB file. Then, the data is sent from a USB device to the laser by a serial cable. This allows the user to save time by reducing part handling.

Image Processing Solutions

The TruMark 6030 is a new generation of marking lasers. Its innovative design features modern image processing solutions, high power, and high beam quality. As a result, the 6030 is an excellent choice for large and small production operations. A TruMark 6030 is a high-powered, compact machine that uses a non-contact marking process to create a quality mark. There are many other advantages to this laser marking machine, but it is costly to buy and requires some maintenance.

High-Speed Repetitive Applications

The KEYENCE MD-X Series has a built-in camera that enables it to detect the shape of the target automatically. It also adjusts for X, Y, and theta offsets. Therefore, the MD-X Series is an excellent choice for high-speed repetitive applications as it can differentiate between parts with its built-in camera. And the MD-X series is a perfect choice for production lines that need to complete many jobs fast.

The XLT is the newest generation of Zetalase(tm) XLT and EMS400 systems. The EMS400 is a high-speed machine that can operate up to four axes. The Vereo(tm) Smart offers a maintenance-free MOPA fiber laser source. The Vereo(tm) Fiber Laser is a high-powered and flexible system.


The XLT Series offers advanced features. This machine has an integrated CNC. The XLT features programmable code and can mark parts quickly. The EMS400 has a 4-axis feature to run in multiple directions. The EMS400 is ideal for small to medium-sized automated lines. The fiber-laser-powered Zetalase XLT is the best laser marker for small-scale production.

High-Quality Products

The XL series of XYZ laser systems have a high-speed CNC and a low-power ammeter. The XL series can be integrated with a wide range of other products. It is the ideal machine for small businesses and manufacturers of high-quality products. It can be customized and easily installed, and it can be fully automated. The Telesis Y5 is an ultra-fast & versatile laser machining system.

Automatic Focal Corrections

The MD-X series of laser systems come with a built-in distance sensor, which allows automatic focal corrections. The XL series eliminates manual height adjustments for parts made in different dimensions. XL3 features predictive maintenance and a wide range of diagnostic tools. This makes it a reliable option for automotive manufacturing. Its innovative features include a range of advanced software—the NEXGEN LASER MARKER, a high-powered turnkey fiber marking system that offers high resolution and compactness.

Last Steps:

TRUMPF is a Japanese-based company that has been manufacturing laser-marked products for more than 100 years. Its laser markers can be used for a variety of industrial applications. Their technology can be applied to various materials, such as plastic, metal, and glass. However, this process is costly and requires a high level of knowledge and expertise. Nevertheless, this machine is highly versatile and can be an excellent choice for companies of all sizes.