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Mastercard Commercial Song – Keep Moving

We see a man out shopping for some food, a drink and shoes in this new Mastercard TV ad spot, all while holding his baby in a carrier as he orders ahead on his phone. After returning home, his child puts the new footwear to good use as they take their first steps.

Finishing with the slogan “It only takes a moment to start something priceless”, this ‘Keep Moving’ commercial video was uploaded to the Mastercard YouTube channel on July 17, 2018. #StartSomethingPriceless

Including the lyrics “Don’t stop moving. Oh baby don’t be still. I’ve gotta move, don’t take away the thrill. Keep it rolling along. Just keep moving and you can’t go wrong. Hey, now do you hear what I say? I’ll be on my way. Keep on moving”, this 2018 Mastercard commercial song appears to have been recorded just for the ad.