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With our deep understanding of the Law of elders, tax law, and estate planning, our Legal team of Korsinsky & Klein LLP gives clients top legal representation. Families, individuals, and seniors can rely on our team to handle complicated estate planning or elder law issues. When you partner with Korsinsky & Klein LLP, each of our highly knowledgeable Elder Law Attorney in Brooklyn, NY will ensure that you get the best possible legal representation.

Legal Protection

Your elderly relatives or loved ones require legal protection because they’re at risk. Financial abuse among the elderly is common. However, you cannot be watching your elderly relatives for the whole throughout the day. The estate plan, guardianships in emergencies, and other legal safeguards are beneficial ways to prevent elderly financial abuse.

Indications of Elder

Financial abuse of elders can occur at any moment, and you need to make every effort to stay clear of these problems. If you notice indications of elder abuse, you must try to collaborate with your loved ones who are elderly to develop an estate plan to keep them from further troubles. If the estate plan is put in place early, you can prevent the issues listed below.

  • A person who is elderly may not be aware that the amount they paid to the new “friend” is not being used to pay for their expenses.
  • The mortgage or landlord might not have been paid because your loved ones who are elderly have been victims of someone else’s money.
  • Family members or friends may notice that collectables or valuable possessions are missing.
  • You may find that your elderly loved one has a poor credit score, but they’ve not been aware of the credit cards issued under their name.
  • There are many stories about financial transactions your loved ones who are elderly did not authorize.

Long-Term Treatment

Eldercare is highly demanding. Many families trust their family members’ long-term treatment to nurse homes and other facilities for residential care. If these facilities do not provide the treatment, they require the pain can be unbearable. The filing of a suit against the facility could assist in ensuring the rights of your loved ones are secured and that the conditions of their stay are improved.

Cover or Delay Specific Treatments

Their medical needs become more complex and require more attention as they age. If Medicaid does not cover or delay specific treatments, the consequences could be fatal. A skilled New York metro area elder care lawyer can ensure that clients receive the full benefits to which they are entitled, and the claims are paid in the time frame required.

Human Resources Administrations

We manage Medicaid fair trials for our clients in all sorts of cases before the state hearing officials. Our skilled attorneys address denials and discontinuances by departments like the department for local Social Services or New York City Human Resources Administrations, as in addition to denials and discontinuances by Managed long-term care (MLTC) suppliers. We have secured more time for home-based care services to our customers and obtained various coverage or services for our clients.

Medical Expenses

It’s a bit odd that you work throughout your life, have children, and remain in debt, yet you’re still not able to pay for an elderly care facility or the home care you or your spouse require as you get older. This is the reality for a lot of older adults living in New York. If you’ve relied on Medicare to pay the majority of your medical expenses, Medicare will not pay for nursing homes. The only alternative is to draw up your savings from your life–which can go quickly due to the expense of nursing care. But, if you’ve thought ahead and enlisted the help of a seasoned lawyer for elder Law, then you don’t have to fret about navigating this challenging scenario.

Multitude of Senior Citizens

Elder Law is a specialized field of Law on estate planning that addresses issues facing individuals as they get older. Our elder law services cover items such as protection of assets, Medicaid planning, guardianships and powers of attorneys for those who are older. In Lands kind & Ricaforte Law Group, P.C., we have helped a multitude of senior citizens and their families with children prepare for the possibility of declining medical, physical, or dementia through our caring legal services for elders.

Final Thoughts:

The majority of people are aware of Medicaid as the medical assistance program available to those with incomes below a certain threshold. When Medicare provides for medical professionals or hospitals as well as prescriptions, however, it doesn’t pay for long-term care in a nursing home or care for seniors. Medicaid is an effective instrument that could be used to help pay for in-home or nursing home care when the individual’s countable assets are less than the amount of. Assets and income in investment accounts, as well as other homes, will be “counted” when determining eligibility.