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Progressive Insurance Commercial Song 2018 – Avian

Progressive Insurance have just released another new 2018 TV commercial, featuring a different soundtrack. This ad spot shows a biker having his ride interrupted by lots of birds flying against him, with a huge ostrich next in line on the horizon.

But as the ad informs viewers, apparently even “A bad day on the road still beats a good one off it”.

Song: It’s Such a Good Night.
Singers/Musicians: Heisenberg and The Albuquerque Kingpins.
Download From: Amazon.

Featuring the lyrics “It is such a good night to kiss. It is such a good night to dance. It is such a good night to scoobidoo doobidoo” the music in this ad was most recently made famous when it featured in an episode of ‘Breaking Bad’.

The ‘Avian Adventure’ ad video was published to Progressive Insurance’s YouTube channel on July 8, 2018.