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Range Rover Evoque Dog Commercial – A Place In My Heart – Song by Dom James

A loveable dog and a new piece of music combine to grab viewers attention in this 2019 Range Rover Evoque commercial, which is titled ‘A Dog’s Dream’ and features the tagline “The Power Of Distraction” and the car manufactures “Above & Beyond” slogan.

The ad video shows a dog shut indoors in the big city, left to dream about travelling to the open country in the Evoque SUV.

Advert Music: I Found A Place In My Heart (Find Your Heaven).
Artists: Dom James, Emma Smith.

Finishing with the lyrics “I found my heaven”, this Evoque Range Rover commercial song is a new track called ‘I Found A Place In My Heart’. The song was recorded by London composer Dom James and singer Emma Smith and should be released soon as a full single.