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2019 Spotify Commercial – Man Singing in Shower – Song by Annie Lennox

Spotify has just released a series of commercials with the slogan ‘Music For Every Mood’, with each video showing someone listening to a playlist designed to suit a certain mood or situation.

This particular ‘Singalong’ ad shows a man initially getting some disapproving looks from pedestrians while singing in his car, so the guy holds off on his passionate vocals until he arrives home to make full use of Spotify’s ‘Songs To Sing In The Shower’ playlist. I guess that’s why the playlist wasn’t called ‘Songs To Sing In Your Car’.

Advert Music: No More “I Love You’s”.
Singer: Annie Lennox.
Stream or download at: iTunes, Amazon.

As you might have guessed from the lyrics, this 2019 Spotify commercial song that the actor is singing along to in the shower is titled ‘No More I Love You’s’. This tune was originally written and recorded back in 1986 by new wave music duo The Lover Speaks, who consist of vocalist David Freeman and composer Joseph Hughes.

Perhaps more famously now though, this song was covered in 1995 by Scottish singer-songwriter Annie Lennox as part of her second album ‘Medusa’. The former Eurythmics members version of the single, which is the one playing in this Spotify advert, peaked at number 23 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and at number 2 on the official UK charts.

April 30 2019