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2019 Coca-Cola Commercial – First Love, Stranger Things – Song by Robin Beck

Coca-Cola team up with Netflix on this 2019 TV commercial trailer to promote ‘New’ Coke and the upcoming season 3 of the science fiction horror series Stranger Things.

The two brands decided to work together on this advert video, which is set inside a Star Court movie theatre, when Netflix informed Coke that the third season of Stranger Things would be set during the summer of 1985 and would feature the tagline “One summer could change everything”. Given that this was the summer America was introduced to New Coke, this joint ad campaign, which will also include special limited edition cans on sale, makes a lot of sense. The release date for Stranger Things season 3 has been set by Netflix for July 4.

Advert Music: First Time.
Artist: Robin Beck.
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Viewers old enough to remember the original release of New Coke will likely recognize this Stranger Things 2019 Coca-Cola commercial song as ‘First Time’ by New York singer Robin Beck. Opening with the lyrics “First time, first love. Oh what feeling is this”, this song was originally recorded back in 1988 for an earlier Coca-Cola advertising campaign and went on to become an iconic track, topping singles charts in multiple countries including the UK and Ireland. A Spanish version called ‘Primera Vez’ was also recorded by Mexican singer Rocío Banquells for the Latin American Coca-Cola market.