Test your business creativity with Edition 16 of our quiz!

This weekly quiz from YourStory checks your area expertise, enterprise acumen, and lateral wondering capabilities (see very last week’s quiz in this article). In this sixteenth edition of the quiz, we existing five troubles tackled by actual-daily life entrepreneurs in their startup journeys.

What would you do if you were in their shoes? At the close of the quiz, you will discover out what the entrepreneurs them selves really did. Would you do factors otherwise?

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Q1: Growth and capital

Times of furious organization development get in touch with for tons of money shell out in advertising and employing. But an additional kind of money is also critical to be certain greater business enterprise functionality and productiveness. What is this other kind of funds?

Q2: The climate chance

Marketplace and govt participate in a key part in addressing the challenges of climate change. So does civil culture. Which constituent has the biggest at stake in local climate foreseeable future, and how can they get better concerned?

Q3: Not just about receiving ‘high’

This ‘drug’ is not just about receiving superior, but has other beneficial benefits when employed in a proper manner. It is even employed to support patients all over the world who are battling cancer, bi-polar conditions, mental problems, pores and skin challenges, and time period cramps. How is this feasible?

Q4: Toys and design

In accordance to analysis platform IMARC Group, the Indian toys industry was valued at $1.23 billion in 2020, with considerably home for expansion. Advocates have pushed for not just eye-catching layout but also cognitive and even cultural characteristics in toys. What’s one more essential element for toys?

Q5: Further than ‘refuse and reduce’

‘Refuse and reduce’ is a mantra promoted by the eco-friendly movement to stay clear of single-use plastics and minimize too much usage. But there are other components to the round overall economy that have a optimistic socio-economic impression as effectively. How are organisations tapping these other components?


Congratulations on owning appear this significantly! But there’s a lot more to occur – solutions to these five thoughts (under), as nicely as links to articles or blog posts with much more aspects on the entrepreneurs’ methods. Pleased looking at, happy finding out – and delighted developing!

A1: Growth and capital

“For a business enterprise to keep its system and fix real-entire world complications at scale with lengthy-standing impact, understanding funds has to take priority above pace-to-marketplace expediency,” argues Praval Singh, VP of Advertising and marketing and Buyer Encounter at Zoho.

“A superior chunk of your cash and revenue should go in the direction of frequently diversifying, broadening, and deepening your discipline abilities,” he adds. Founders and leaders should also focus on cultural money and nurturing precious know-how. Go through additional about information management right here.

A2: The local weather opportunity

Planning for CoP26 (the 2021 United Nations local climate improve convention) also experienced a distinct keep track of devoted to youth leadership in tackling local weather alter, identified as Youth4Local weather. “The intersection of youth leadership and cross-sectoral solutions provides numerous possibilities for participating younger people today in achieving COP26 plans,” clarifies Archana Sinha, Co-founder and CEO of the Nourishing Colleges Foundation.

There are vital leadership prospects for youth in developing instructional written content about local weather alter, and advertising and marketing local weather-resilient agriculture programs. For case in point, some kids have also begun homestead gardens to utilize their learnings. Study additional about these critical initiatives in this article.

A3: Not just about finding ‘high’

Quite a few countries continue to take into account cannabis as a drug or an illegal way of medical remedy. Fortunately, regulators are enabling its obtain to people in need to have underneath medical supervision, in addition to use in cultural festivals in the form of bhaang.

“People are now finding out medical cannabis with an open up frame of mind and comprehending in direction of what it has to supply from a therapeutic point of view,” clarifies Yash Kotak, CMO of Bombay Hemp Corporation. Go through far more about cannabis makes use of and impacts in this article.

A4: Toys and layout

Shreya Mittal, founder of Delhi-based Curious Cub, emphasises that toys really should be safe and environmentally pleasant as perfectly. Young children are inclined to discover toys with all their senses, together with their mouths.

Curious Club is an early training system that imparts age-suitable cognitive capabilities as a result of playtime. “Having a fully harmless toy makes certain that a child can engage in without the need of reservation. Consequently, wooden and cloth toys are the most effective possibilities to give at this tender age, as they include no chemical substances,” she affirms. Read through a lot more about Curious Club listed here.

A5: Over and above ‘refuse and reduce’

‘Recycle and donate’ are critical elements of a round and providing financial system. For illustration, siblings Yash Gupta and Akansha Gupta released Indore-primarily based Daanpatra as an on the net platform that collects donations of all types and offers them to needy communities.

Dresses, toys, publications, sneakers, utensils, digital goods, and home furniture have been provided to extra than 11.5 lakh needy households. “There is nothing at all worthless. It is needed that we must know how the squander materials can be set to use,” Yash describes. Study more about how recycling increases lives here.

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