The 7 Best Places to Find Notion Templates for Free

Notion allows you to create, organize, and design pages in any way you please. However, outlining work tasks or personal goals gets easier when you have ready-made and downloadable templates to fall back upon. They save time, maximize your productivity, and get your job done—all at once.

Using Notion templates is a good idea because when you customize workflows, you end up optimizing them for the best results. But finding the right template for your job might be difficult. To make it easier, here’s our pick for the best Notion template galleries available.

Whether you’re new to Notion or an experienced veteran, Notion’s Official Template Gallery is a treasure trove of handy templates.

Available for startups that are taking off, human resource managers and team leads, remote workers, nonprofits, designers, product managers, engineers, and educators, you’ll find templates both for personal and professional work. In fact, Notion’s Official Template Gallery has a set of great templates for students to organize their deadlines and ace their classes.

While personal templates cover a variety of subjects, like travel, to-dos, task lists, book recommendations, and such, team tools feature mood boards, SOP templates, editorial calendar guides, coding templates, roadmaps, recruiting pipelines, and more.


A Notioneer

Many Notion users tend to use Notion not only as their main productivity tool but also as a personal organizer. You’ll find premium templates that help you maximize your productivity using Notion so that your databases are always perfect.

Here, you’ll find templates in three categories, namely Notion at work, Notion at home, and Notion for study. In addition to great templates, you’ll always find useful guides that let you in on how to make the best out of Notion.

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If you don’t find the template you’re looking for, you can always create it by using Notion formulas that make repetitive yet time-consuming tasks doable in a minute or two. This can be especially useful for sorting recurring tasks. You can save time, increase your productivity, and have it all perfectly organized with templates, formulas, and guides from A Notioneer.

The Notion Bar

Great for Notion dashboards, templates, and workflows optimized for UI and UX, the Notion Bar has downloadable templates for all professional and personal reasons you can possibly think of.

Aesthetic Notion Templates by the Notion Bar are available in multiple categories, namely, student templates, personal templates, professional templates, pop culture templates, fun templates, and friends and collab templates. You’ll find a wide range of uniquely designed Notion templates that help you elevate your work experience and ace your Notion game.

Moreover, the Notion Bar also has a list of incredibly useful resources that help you with layouts, ideas, and tips to plan, execute, and organize your tasks better.

Red Gregory on screen

Another useful Notion template gallery for beginners and pros alike is Red Gregory. You’ll find all the right tips, tricks, and templates you’re looking for to optimize your workspace. With 80+ formulas and 200+ templates, Red Gregory helps you master the use of Notion effortlessly.

Moreover, these essential templates for your workplace come under six different categories, namely, plan, note, track, journal, organize, and design. While all of these are downloadable and ready-to-use, most of the Notion templates hosted by Red Gregory are also free.

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You can also find essays and articles that help you understand and ace Notion better for achieving all your personal and professional goals.

Notion Pages on screen

Built with the idea to inspire new Notion users to design their life around it, the Notion Pages has a wide collection of new and productive templates that help you achieve your goals. From an employee handbook to a meal planner, there is no template that you will not find on Notion Pages.

What makes it stand out is the “advanced tips” section from experienced Notion users who have not only maximized their productivity, but also have excelled in their personal goals. All it takes to duplicate a Notion template is a click, and you’re ready to share your Notion template setup with the world.

Notion Pages has unique templates for video game tracking, life curriculum, seasonal goals, and any other unconventional goals or tasks you might have.

Notion VIP on screen

Notion VIP is different because it offers a new and profound way to learn Notion and get certification with “Discover Notion A-to-Z” in addition to premium templates that help you revamp your workspace and achieve professional goals.

You’ll also find free templates at Notion VIP that help you calculate and visualize your progress every day. From effective project management templates to objectives and key result templates, Notion VIP’s professionally designed templates come ready to use.

notion everything

You can save hours of your time with Notion Everything. It has great templates, useful tools, and the best consulting to help you set up and organize your Notion. You can build project and task management tools for your freelance business, startup, agency, or personal projects.

You can also subscribe to the “Your Notion Weekly Digest” newsletter and get 3 new highlights every week in your inbox. If you’ve designed a great template that you’d like to share with fellow Notion users, Notion Everything gives you the platform to do that as well.

If you want help designing a useful template, you can check out the “Guidelines Template” and increase your chances of adding your Notion template to the platform.

Multiply Productivity and Creativity With Notion Templates

Notion is an incredibly productive tool. While there’s no doubt about that, you must never run out of newer and more creative ways of making the most of Notion with template galleries.

When you’ve got a wide collection of pre-designed templates to rely on, you end up designing the most effective workflows that help you organize your personal and professional life better.

If you’re looking for more reasons to use Notion, you must know that sky’s the limit.

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