The Best Digital Signage Software(TOP-10) Worth to Use in 2022. Complete Guide

Digital signage software is an important tool for any business or organization today. However, the effectiveness of digital signage advertising depends on the content you’re showing and the format in which you present it to the audience.

Today it is no longer some kind of an additional tool. Instead, it is an essential solution for business and the well-coordinated work of an organization.

Digital signage software helps to:

  • Create and post various content that the audience sees on screens: photos, videos, streams, news, presentations, etc.
  • Manage this content
  • Make a broadcast plan, delegate the tasks of posting and scheduling content
  • Analyze the performance

Moreover, there are many similar software options on the market. For example, dozens of the best signage software companies offer various functionality, conditions, and prices.


✔️ #1. Kitcast

  • (10/10)/ 14-Days Free Trial

☑️ #2. OnSign TV

  • (9/10) Extremely reliable

☑️ #3. Yodeck

☑️ #4. Carousel

  • (7/10) Create and collaborate

☑️ #5. Spectrio

  • (6/10) Intelligent automation

☑️ #6. REACH

  • (5/10) Affordable and user friendly

☑️ #7. Skykit

  • (4/10) Space reservation software

☑️ #8. truDigital

  • (3/10) Bring your screens to Life

☑️ #9. Quick Sign

  • (2/10) An end-to-end platform

☑️ #10. UPshow

  • (1/10) Driving results beyond the screen

Can you tell if digital signage software is a good catch for your business? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the different solutions on the market, shall we?

This review is for you if you are looking for the best digital signage software out there.

There are many digital signage services on the market, which means that you have a choice. Yet, with every choice come pros and cons that you need to consider. So, naturally, it’s important to choose in favor of the most functional, convenient, understandable, and straightforward option for your business.

Dozens of digital signage software companies have already provided everything you may need to work with digital screens. Still, this industry has the best services, and we’re presenting you our TOP-10 review.

Without further ado, let’s highlight the essential criteria:

Functionality , versatility , scalability , manageability , quality of work , visual editor , analytics , task delegation , customer feedback , user support, and problem-solving.

Here’s how each of these criteria plays out for different digital signage software solutions:

#1. Kitcast

  • Free trial period: 14 days

    Price: $26 per month (x5 screens) / $130; $24 Annually (x5 screens) / $ 1425;

    Technology: Apple TV, Android TV, FireTV

    Official site:


Brief description:

The main advantage of the service is that it is recommended by Apple for its customers, as it is proven software that solves business problems even for huge and well-known companies.

Our recommendation is to use the top digital signage software based on Apple TV like Kitcast. It is a modern, effective and reliable solution for businesses that use digital screens to broadcast their content ( shops, gas stations, parking lots, etc.) or are looking for an easy-to-use application.

Apple TV definitely has a high standard of performance when you need uninterrupted, error-free streaming. We’re talking about a unified and streamlined ecosystem that you can build on Kitcast.

Kitcast can be recommended for use to companies of any category, direction, and task. We think of it as a universal solution with its own specifics (work on an Apple TV set-top box).


  • Provides a full-fledged and convenient interface for creating and managing broadcasts on any number of screens
  • It has its own base of stylish and modern templates. Your content on digital screens will always look professional
  • There is access to a database of your own pictures for any type of organization
  • Connection for streaming broadcasts, a news feed, content from social networks, weather, calendar, presentations, and many other types of content that you need
  • Simple mode of operation in the Drug & Drop format
  • The ability to set and edit broadcasts using timelines
  • Its own analytical module to control the effectiveness of broadcasts
  • An internal system for delegating broadcasting tasks with specific groups of screens, different levels of access for administrators

Why is Kitcast unique?

  • Perfect for larger organizations that need scalability with minimal effort.
  • Complex digital signage for distributed teams made burdenless.
  • Quick adaptation of the service functions to their own tasks of creating and launching broadcasts
  • The impeccable speed of scripts
  • The adaptability of content to screens of any format for users to constantly make the most of a particular service
  • The best cloud-based digital signage software
  • Cross-platform support

Try Kitcast. Click here to start your free 14-days trial.

#2. OnSign TV

Short description:

This is a reliable CMS platform for managing digital screens. OnSign TV supports complex playlists, custom fonts, its own timing scale (for scheduling broadcasts), an in-built template library, and a unique capacity for caching dynamic content.


  • It works well with ready-made templates and integrates your own content
  • Fully packed with features and designed to manage all types of signage screen
  • It’s reliable and works 24/7


  • Has paid widgets
  • Needs a professional setting for managing multiple screens
  • Insufficient broadcasting process monitoring
  • Complex software interaction

#3. Yodeck

Brief description:

It’s a reasonably functional software for managing digital signage. Yodeck differs in its multimedia, customizability, and easy content creation. It allows you to integrate different widgets and custom content.

So, it’s pretty versatile for organizing broadcasts on digital screens for different types of companies and organizations.


  • It starts working quickly with basic functions
  • Yet, it’s a cloud solution with advanced features
  • You can stream YouTube, use a simple editor for planning and create your own templates
  • It uses remote screen shutdown
  • It has safe work built-in applications


  • Since this digital signage software works with a Raspberry Pi, there may be connection problems and errors.
  • The initial setup is quite complex
  • Adapting content for different screen sizes is problematic
  • Auto-scheduling is difficult
  • There are several tedious manual settings for broadcasts

#4. Carousel Digital Signage

Brief description:

Carousel is a digital signage software that allows users to create, publish and manage messages to students, staff, or customers.



  • All of the content you build is displayed on a “channel” – complicated
  • Requires special knowledge and training
  • Obvious wording errors in service alerts
  • Limited access to applications

#5. Spectrio

Brief description:

Spectrio offers a library of ready-to-work content, and you can upload and post your content. In addition, it has an intuitive interface that is updated in real-time.


  • Convenient for customizing screens
  • An easy-to-use cloud solution
  • A good editor and a decent support team


  • The service looks outdated compared to new and advanced ones
  • Work with social networks is limited
  • There is no way to overload devices automatically
  • Old appliances can break down from time to time


Brief description:

This app allows you to integrate content from OneDrive, PowerBi, SharePoint, and more. In addition, the system has many templates and applications for comfortable work.

It is possible to customize templates for your brand. Also, there is a possibility of scheduling broadcasts by day on the screens. Yet, it’s one of the best digital signage software on the market.


  • Excellent support on weekdays
  • Ability to customize templates for your brand


  • No support on weekends when some organizations are working
  • There is a lack of performance and reliability in this service because it’s inferior to newer technologies

#7. Skykit

Brief description:

A relatively functional and manageable CMS that allows you to broadcast various types of content on a different number of screens. Skykit is great for advertising multiple messages and promotions.

It is suited for different kinds of organizations and audiences.


  • Scalability
  • Manageability
  • Simple interface, installation, and getting started
  • It adapts and broadcasts your content quick and easy
  • It integrates well with Google services
  • A straightforward interface


  • Requires visual inspection before broadcasts
  • No automatic updates
  • May work slow at times
  • No streaming capability
  • Many complex features on the platform

#8. truDigital

Short description:

It’s a pretty versatile digital signage software for different areas of business and types of organizations. For example, you can show different content when broadcasting. It has its own set-top box, which costs $249.

truDigital gets automatic updates, runs on a 64-bit Amlogic 64 processor with Cloud-storage support.


  • The software runs on its own set-top box, which improves synchronization and control over firmware updates
  • Works with different screen resolutions. There are about 200 customizable templates
  • Its own cloud storage


  • A complex management system for different variations of content
  • Inconvenient calendar and scheduling tools
  • No extra users can be added
  • Complex template-customization features

#9. Quick Sign

Brief description:

Quick Sign is a budget-friendly digital signage software that commercial and non-profit organizations can use.

It’s a quite manageable and easy-to-use product for working with digital screens. Their software works on Roku, Fire TV, Android TV.

Quick Sign is a versatile and practical digital signage software for those who want to save money on this type of service and can spend some time setting everything up.


  • Updating the firmware helps the stable operation of both devices and the software itself
  • Slideshow zoning capability
  • Fast content loading
  • Flexible and convenient work


  • Some problems with the calendar (you cannot put an end date)
  • Complex first-time setup and adaptation to the new interface, functionality, playlists scheduling

#10. UPshow

Brief Description:

UPshow is an attractive and interactive software for managing digital signage. It uses Drag&Drop technology for convenient broadcast scheduling and has its own cloud solution. In addition, UPshow can connect different types of content for different types of broadcasts.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Good interactivity
  • Visual appeal
  • Responsive support service
  • Easy use and quick setup without special knowledge


  • There are problems with billing and issues with the display interface on iOS devices
  • There is no way to use Facebook
  • There is a problem with supporting image sizes that the editor can work with

What are the features of the digital signage software?

When a company or organization runs 5, 25, 50, 100, or even 1000 screens, the value of the digital signage service it chooses becomes extremely important. That’s why we recommend using Kitcast.

  • Kitcast has a base of templates for work
  • It boasts an easy-to-use interface
  • Gives access to graphic or video libraries for creating or using ready-made content
  • Has functionality for working on different screens
  • Kitcast its own approach to the implementation and operation of modules and their connection with each other
  • It gives you your own set of plug-in content from external sources

To create and manage content on multiple screens, you need the flexibility of a working tool and maximum opportunities for full-fledged work.

This way, you know for sure that:

  • You can easily create a new information-graphic template
  • You can connect a stream to the broadcast
  • It is possible to connect your presentation from Powerpoint
  • You can add own files: video, photo, text, audio accompaniment
  • It’s possible to delegate the tasks of managing a group of digital signage screens to a responsible person in the company
  • You can control the efficiency of company’s visual strategy and quickly make changes
  • You can schedule the broadcast in advance according to the calendar in a convenient format

At the same time, modern requests for the best digital signage software like Kitcast often include its easy-to-use, operating smoothly, without glitches and bugs, and having an intuitive interface, manageability, and full-fledged support that can respond to your requests 24/7.

And this is only a tiny part of those functional factors that the selected software should have.

It’s time to build your digital signage network


Perhaps you are still not using digital signage effectively as a tool or are just getting to know it. Then you should know that this format was created for effective communication with your visitors through digital screens, whether they are potential/existing customers or employees.

In those commercial companies, where managing the broadcast of the desired content on digital screens is well implemented, screens can boost business growth. It is expressed in the increase of the average check, the number of sales, the growth, and LTV.

At the same time, if we talk about such organizations as schools, colleges, institutes, hospitals, churches, events – it becomes imperative to organize broadcasts of important information, graphic, video content using top digital signage software. This is the most flexible, manageable, effective, and necessary tool for high-quality communication.

In organizations of this type, technology is actively introduced, and there are many success stories.

Moreover, it does not matter whether we are talking about 5 commercial screens or 1000 – you can always configure the best cloud-based digital software like Kitcast for all requests, divide the broadcasts into groups, and control responsible managers.

Digital signage is able to bring you increased sales,audience loyalty, and improvedbusiness marketing performance. As a result, you can build a successful communication strategy within your organization/company, helping it grow, scale, and get better.

You need only a few minutes, and it’s free to try Kitcast. Click here to start your 14-days trial.

What do you need to plan your digital signage work?

  1. Digital screens
  2. A streaming device such as Apple TV, Android TV, or Amazon Fire TV Stick
  3. Internet
  4. Digital signage software

As digital signage is versatile, the digital signage software can work well for any type of business or organization. It doesn’t matter what your niche is.

It’s a universal tool that can solve any business problem in any category: parking lots, supermarkets, shopping centers, educational institutions, entertainment venues, financial or medical institutions, restaurants, beauty salons, etc.

After testing many different digital signage services, we’d like to put a highlight on our favorite one – Kitcast.

The good news is that it has a 14-days free trial , so you can quickly try it out before buying.

10 reasons to use Kitcast within your company/organization

Here are 10 compelling factors that make this product the best in the digital signage software niche:

  1. The service works on Apple TV streaming devices , and it means that you will have all the power and intuitiveness of Apple working for the benefit of your digital signage. It also means unsurpassed quality, robust visual performance, and security
  2. Kitcast has been operating since 2014, having the necessary expertise and leadership position on the market . Its customers today include Marriott, Ford, Penn State, and many other world-famous brands
  3. Hundreds of business owners and managers have left positive reviews about the work of the software
  4. Kitcast has superb functionality with an all-in-one approach. This is a truly complete tool in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail
  5. Everyone can work with it; no special tech knowledge is necessary to ace digital signage using Kitcast
  6. An intuitive interface and ready-made templates, the presence of all professional functions for a marketer, stylish templates for quickly creating beautiful screensavers make Kitcast the most desirable software not only for businesses but also for the work of non-profit organizations
  7. The possibility of non-standard content integration is implemented using the API
  8. Ability to manage any number of screens and personalization of broadcasts for a group of screens/single screen
  9. Incredible controllability : you can duplicate any content, stop, change the display priority, schedule, control the sound, etc.
  10. You can start using it completely free of charge and without consulting specialists

Entertain, inform , educate, motivate, attract, direct and answer visitors’ questions faster than they ask. All this is Kitcast. Click here to get your free trial.

Kitcast functions and their real use in work

Content creation

– database of design templates for creating slides for broadcasting, photo collages

– powerful streaming capabilities- the ability to upload your own photo and video content and customize its display in different formats

Drawing attention to important information

– show entertaining content easily

– broadcast important and relevant information that everyone needs – news, weather, calendars, plan

– the ability to synchronize with Google calendar

– show reviews from sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor

Dashboard management

– the ability to control any number of devices in one panel using simple functions

– the ability to connect the necessary content platforms to the broadcast

– delegation of tasks, collaboration, management of screen groups, different types of access to administrators

– optimization of the display of content depending on the type and format

– broadcast control in the visual timeline

– full controllability and scheduling of broadcasts by day, hour, minute, and second

– use of internal cloud storage to work with your own files (photos, videos, documents)

– remote control in any browser – laptop, smartphone, iPad from anywhere in the world

– the ability to work offline

It’s also necessary to highlight the function of creating playlists for different groups of digital screens, which can be configured for changes in the schedule.

The review of 8 important advantages of Kitcast

You can get started right away and test the service for free . Create the first slides and evaluate the functionality

  1. Perfect for larger organizations that need scalability with minimal effort.
  2. It can be created and implemented in minutes. And you can focus on the performance analytics
  3. There is no need to involve a designer . Ready-made templates satisfy the needs of any type of organization to create colorful, stylish, and full-bodied slides
  4. The support is always there for you. It will come to the rescue in any situation so that you solve your problem or implement your task as quickly as possible
  5. Optimization of resources for the creation, management, control of content broadcasts on the screens . You can assign roles, scheduled broadcasts at the right time, connect the necessary content in a convenient format without involving specialists
  6. Software updates and adding of new functions are included in the price tag. There is no need to look for other solutions on the market
  7. Flawless operation of the company’s servers ensures full uptime 24/7
  8. The service running on Apple TV flawlessly maintains functionality, manageability, and error-free operation

Digital Signage Software FAQ

  • Why might you not be satisfied with any other software?

Users of various services on websites such as Capterra or Techradar complain about the lack of important tools for work such as ready-made templates, a convenient and simple editor, insufficient or complex functionality, interruptions in work, the lack of the possibility of detailed planning of the broadcast calendar, etc.

  • Why is it worth investing in products and software using the Apple ecosystem?

Kitcast is a recommended service by Apple. It has been operating since 2014 and has many clients (from small businesses to the largest stores in the United States).

Kitcast takes reliability seriously, providing the best user experience with an intuitive interface and simple functions to give businesses a smooth operation.

  • What help do I need to prepare hardware and software for digital screencasting?

It would help if you got an Apple TV streaming device, which costs only $149. It has a slick design and can easily be placed behind the screen

With Apple MDM and Jamf technology used in Kitcast, you can manage all your devices. It is also possible to use Apple Configurator, but this can be time-consuming.

And, of course, for the Apple TV-based digital display bundle to work, you need the best digital signage software like Kitcast that perfectly integrates with all devices on your digital display network.

Visit the official product website and start your free trial

  • How to calculate your costs for organizing broadcasts for your locations?

When calculating a plan for your investment in digital signage operation, you should proceed from the cost of equipment (commercial screens), streaming devices (tvOS or Android-based), and the cost of Kitcast digital signage software.

Also, don’t forget to involve administrators/managers in the signage work. All this will be a customized ecosystem for the implementation of digital signage.

  • Where to get ideas for broadcasts, what content should you prioritize?

There are many digital signage strategies, and you should start with your audience first. Research what your audience is interested in and use display technology to give just that. It can be informational content or advertising. Next, plan your broadcasts for the coming week and take into account the specifics of broadcast locations.

If you are using more than 5 screens in a grid, try to personalize the display of your content to provide the most relevant content to your visitors.

Finally, you can plan broadcasts for an extended period. Again, practice shows that movement within the framework of immediate tasks is ideal when you can be as relevant as possible. But here, of course, it all depends on the type of your organization and its tasks.

Final words about the top digital signage software

If you’re looking for an optimal digital signage software that is easy-to-use, secure, and doesn’t require special tech knowledge to utilize, go with Kitcast . It runs on Apple TV and works ideally for any content need you have in mind.

At the moment, among the tested digital signage software solutions, this particular service can be called universally, intuitive and straightforward. It just lives up to the expectations and exceeds them. Of course, this also applies to the functionality. As a result, you have a flawless broadcast experience.

Currently, Kitcast is a leader of the cloud-based wing of digital signage software with lots of clients and an excellent reputation(reviews, feedback) in the industry. It provides a simple and powerful service. Moreover, you do not need to be an IT specialist to start creating your own stunning digital signage content.

Digital signage today is a definite must for any business or organization that wants to keep its hand on the pulse of technology. Creating a display network means more sales, better communication, and greater engagement. So why not use it for your particular company?

In our era of constant growth, the competition is won by those who apply innovative solutions in their content strategy.

Kitcast would be your partner in ensuring steady growth, increased sales, and smooth performance. Try it now for free .