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DKNY Stories Commercial Song – #NYMadeMe

This TV ad introduces viewers to DKNY Stories – The New Fragrance For Her. The #NYMadeMe video shows an actress climbing up to a rooftop, where she sits with her laptop, working on her book. The woman then receives some unexpected inspiration her books cover.

DKNY Stories Commercial Song 2018
Song: Future Starts Slow.
Band: The Kills.
Download At: Amazon or iTunes.

Opening with that rather distinctive guitar riff, the piece of music used in this DKNY advert is ‘Future Starts Slow’ by British-American indie band The Kills. The rock duo released the tune in 2011 as part of their fourth studio album ‘Blood Pressures’. Anyone who watched the USA Network comedy-drama TV series Political Animals, which starred Sigourney Weaver, may recognise this as the shows theme music.