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Hyundai Tucson Advert Song – Lucky Guy

This Hyundai Tucson advert shows a man getting out of the SUV with his family, when an older man proclaims “That’s one lucky guy”, having not seen how busy and demanding his life is. The ad then points out ‘Isn’t it funny that the harder you work, the luckier you get?’

Hyundai Tucson Advert Song 2018 to 2019
Song: Lucky Lucky Lucky Me.
Singer: Evelyn Knight.
Download From: iTunes.

The music in this Hyundai TV ad is titled ‘Lucky Lucky Lucky Me’ and was recorded by the American singer Evelyn Knight. Fitting in well with the commercial, the song includes the lyrics “I’m a lucky son of a gun. I work eight hours, I sleep eight hours, That leaves eight hours for fun!”

This ‘Lucky Guy’ ad video was originally uploaded to Hyundai UK’s YouTube channel 30 July 2018.