UK TV Adverts

Kia Sportage – Never Ceases To Amaze

According to this TV advert, the New Kia Sportage offers More Style, More Tech and More Fun, and Never Ceases To Amaze.

Kia Sportage Advert Song 2018
Song: Cold Comfort Lane.
Singer/Band: Holy Moly & The Crackers.
Download From: iTunes, Amazon.

The music featured in this Kia commercial is a song called ‘Cold Comfort Lane’ and includes the lyrics “Drag me down Cold Comfort Lane. Baby when it’s over, we will start it again”. The track was recorded by British folk rock band Holy Moly & The Crackers and was released in April, 2017 as part of the groups second album, ‘Salem’. This six-piece Newcastle upon Tyne-based band consist of members Ruth Patterson, Rosie Bristow, Conrad Bird, Nick Tyler, Jamie Shields and Tommy Evans.

This ‘The Power To Surprise’ ad video was uploaded to Kia Motors UK’s YouTube channel on 1 August, 2018.