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Peugeot Rifter Advert Song – Let’s Take It Slow

An early-rising couple put the new Peugeot Rifter through its paces in this ‘Exciting Routine’ 2018 TV commercial. Described as a Leisure Activity Vehicle, the Rifter features the new i-Cockpit, Modularity 5 and 7-seat configurations, and a Zenith Roof.

Peugeot Rifter Advert Song: Take It Slow.
Artists: Sanjiv Sen, Lizzie Massey, Thomas George Cook & Phillipa Alexander.
Download At: Amazon or iTunes.

The music playing in this advert is a recently-released song called ‘Take It Slow’, which was recorded by Phillipa Alexander, Thomas George Cook, Lizzie Massey and Sanjiv Sen. That’s about all the details we have at this time but, unlike many other tracks featured in TV ads, this one has at least been released as a full length single.