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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Advert Song – Thunderclouds

Samsung introduces us to their super powerful Galaxy Note 9 smartphone in this new 2018 TV advert, which points out the devices S Pen, powerful battery and the fact it’s 1 terabyte ready to give users the power to store more and delete less. At the time of this ads release in early August, the Note 9 is available for pre-order.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Advert Music
Song: Thunderclouds.
Artists: LSD (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth).
Download At: Amazon or iTunes.

The music used in this commercial is the brand-new song ‘Thunderclouds’, which was released as a single for download on the 9th of August, 2018. The track was recorded by LSD, featuring singers Sia and Labrinth, along with American DJ and record producer Diplo. LSD are not actually a separate artist or producer, but simply the initials of Labrinth, Sia and Diplo.

Since their launch, both the ad and its soundtrack have proven very popular, with the commercial currently airing in multiple countries around the world. However, there so far hasn’t been a Thunderclouds official music video released to any of its artists YouTube channels, even though the super groups previous single ‘Audio’ did have a video filmed ready for its release.