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Toyota C-HR Commercial Song – Lady In The Window

The 2019 Toyota C-HR is said to offer ‘The right amount of noise for mischief’ in this new ‘Lady In The Window’ TV commercial. The ad spot shows a guy throwing a ball at the window of a girls apartment to get her attention, before an accomplice sat in the SUV turns up the car stereo.

Toyota C-HR Commercial Song 2018
Song: Turn.
Artist: The Wombats.
Download At: Amazon or iTunes.

The music being played on the Toyota C-HR’s sound system is titled ‘Turn’ and includes the lyrics “I like the way your brain works, I like the way you try. To run with the wolf pack, when your legs are tired”. The track was released last year by English rock band The Wombats and can now be found on their latest album ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’.