What is a cardboard shredder?

Best Cardboard Shredders & Perforators | Eco-friendly Packaging Material

A cardboard shredder or perforator is a sustainable option to repurpose and recycle corrugated cardboard waste into packaging or void-fill cloth. These machines pay for themselves and assist to lessen the value of packaging substances and waste hauling.

#1 | HSM ProfiPack P425 | Perforator


The HSM ProfiPack P425 is a effective and sturdy free-status perforator that turns discarded cardboard waste into sustainable packaging cloth. You can shred any length of Industrial Cardboard Shredder due to the fact the HSM will cut-off extra cardboard whilst the system perforates the corrugated cloth, a scale lets in the operator to shred cloth precisely as required. The cardboard shredder turns cardboard into flat packaging mats or into greater cushioning cardboard padding.

This cardboard converter system is a bigger version than the greater compact HSM ProfiPack C400, The shredder is enormously quiet (sixty four dB), needs little power, and is pretty speedy because it perforates 39 ft of cardboard in step with minute. The tool is “Made in Germany” and is ready with strong metal slicing rollers and heavy-obligation steerage rollers for mobility and flexibility. The HSM ProfiPack P425 is likewise to be had as a greater effective 3-segment unit with a throughput upto one hundred twenty kg/h. A dirt extraction package (the HSM DE 1-eight) is likewise an choice to extract free debris whilst shredding cardboard.

#2 | EDWARD 500 | Perforator / Shredder


The EDWARD 500 is a corrugated cardboard converter from Italian producer Tritacartone Klindex this is to be had in 3 variants. You can pick out for a strip, chip or bendy internet option. Each kind produces its very own kind of packaging cloth, both chips, strips or bendy netting. The Edward 500 is able to shredding huge portions of cardboard waste into precious packaging filler, it approaches cardboard with a pace of 14 meters / 46ft in step with minute with a run-time of eight hours continuously. This way it frees up area withinside the warehouse fast.

The system is ready with wheels and for that reason smooth to transport round, the wheels additionally comprise brakes. The cardboard converter shreds any length of cardboard into your preferred packaging cloth. The strengthened blades also are immune to metallic pieces, like heavy-obligation staples.  An non-compulsory dirt extraction package may be related to the shredder for dirt control.

#3 | HSM ProfiPack C400 | Perforator

The HSM ProfiPack C400 is a cell and bendy tabletop cardboard perforator for changing cardboard waste into green packaging cloth. The ProfiPack C400 is a tabletop unit that could match without difficulty on a counter or table, with its strong ft it guarantees you that the system will now no longer slip or slide. This container shredder has a 1.6 horsepower motor, that can shred 31.five ft of cardboard sheets and corrugated packing containers in step with minute.

With its weight of round a hundred lbs, it is fairly smooth to transport the system round to your facility, you may carry it up thru the facet recessed handles. The perforator is simple to function and produces bendy padding mats.

#4 | EDWARD four hundred | Perforator / Shredder


The EDWARD four hundred is a compact-sized cardboard shredder system this is to be had in 3 versions. One that produces both cushioning netting or cardboard void fill cloth withinside the shape of strips or chips. The EDW400 comes with high-overall performance slicing heads and a sturdy motor to without problems convert your cardboard waste into packaging cloth. It converts cardboard with a slicing accelerate to fourteen meters or 46ft in step with minute, which saves up area fast and additionally reduces the charges of waste disposal and packaging.

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The corrugated cardboard container shredder / perforator is to be had in a single-segment or 3-segment motor.. Besides shredding cardboard, this system also can spoil CDs/DVDs, credit score cards, and different touchy media. The EDWARD four hundred is simple to use, additionally way to the huge wheels with parking brakes.  You can choose an non-compulsory dirt extraction machine that you may without difficulty hook up with the relationship port at the shredder.