What is dampopen folie?

MultiVap uv+ Folie waterdicht damp-open 1,5m x 50m

Are you searching out vapor-permeable foil for closed roofs and facades? These vapor permeable spun bonded movies for closed roofs and facades are furnished consistent with complete roll of 1.five x 25 meters and 1.five x 50 meters. You pick out from  unique variants. Namely the same old model and the self-adhesive model. 

These also are referred to as the Wovar foil a hundred and twenty or the dampopen folie a hundred and twenty PLUS. The PLUS model is supplied with 2 adhesive strips. This is the vapour-permeable foil for closed roof and facade self-adhesive. This is used to make the overlaps stick together. Do now no longer neglect about to reserve the matching glue for this spun bond foil. If you need to connect the fassade foil with nails or staples, we select chrome steel nails or staples. You ought to consequently additionally order our tape for foil.

When to pick out Vapor open foil for closed roof and façade

The beige vapor-permeable foil can simplest be used for closed facades and roofs from 25 ranges and higher. For roofs with a roof pitch beneath 25 ranges, there may be no assure that each roof tile is watertight. That is why we follow this rule.

 Vapor beginning approach that the moisture or condensation that arises because of temperature modifications within side the rear creation can escape, however the water from the out of doors does now no longer get a hazard to go into. This is why this vapor-permeable foil is likewise referred to as a water-maintaining foil for closed facades.

Vapor permeable foil is likewise referred to as waterproof foil or vapor-permeable foil. The foil has small holes thru which moisture can escape. Rain can reason moisture to go into your creation, inclusive of canopies, lawn houses, etc. Especially whilst your roof slopes much less than 25%, there may be a hazard that, for example, your roof tiles aren’t absolutely watertight. With vapor-permeable foil you forestall the water and any condensation this is beneath the foil disappears thru the foil to the out of doors. 

Applying the vapor-permeable foil for a closed roof and facade is pretty simple. Because we recognize that this isn’t an apparent challenge while you try this for the primary time, we give an explanation for beneath how you could excellent follow this vapor permeable foil. We propose which you usually choose the remarkable tape and glue from Wovar itself. 

Apply vapor permeable foil for closed roof and wall

Apply the movie from left to right. Always begin on the bottom. Secure the foil with chrome steel staples min. period 20 mm. Don’t shoot each 250mm. This prevents climate influences (wind) from pulling the foil loose. Our recommendation is to usually connect the foil with staples, glue by myself isn’t enough and might result in complaints. For the overlap, use foil glue from a tube. Always paintings seams and staples with our unique foil tape! Always permit 100 – 150mm overlap. Use a accessible snap-off knife to reduce the foil to size.

Because the glue is furnished in accessible tubes, making use of the glue the use of a caulking gun is incredible convenient. In addition to the same old creation foil for closed roofs and facades, Wovar additionally materials foil with a double adhesive strip (self-adhesive, additionally called PLUS model) for closed roofs and facades. 

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The self-adhesive model is supplied with 2 adhesive strips for the reason of gluing the overlap. You do now no longer want to apply glue with this foil. Remember to cowl up the staples and seams with tape for roof and facade foil black 60 mm wide.

What do I want to collect Vapor open foil for closed roof and façade?

What you want in part relies upon at the movie you order. With the vapour-permeable foil for closed roof and facade self-adhesive it isn’t important to reserve foil glue. If you choose the same old vapour-permeable foil for a closed roof and facade, we propose which you do so. 

In addition, you connect the development foil the use of chrome steel staples. Which staples those are precisely relies upon at the tool you’re the use of. Most typically used are staples with a period of min 20 mm. Finish the staples with our tape for roof and facade foil black 60 mm wide.