What is the Easiest Way to Get a Green Card?

Seven Ways To Get Your Green Card In The United States

When talking about the most efficient ways to obtain green cards, most people refer to the “fastest” way. In the present, immigration in the U.S. immigration process is indeed similar to any other government department that is slow and irritating. It is essential to understand that getting a green card could take from a few months to ten to ten years, or even more. If you’re wondering which are the most efficient or how to win a green card, remember that the process’s speed is a relative factor.

Category of Immigrants

The answer to that question would be contingent upon the category of immigrants you fall into. For example, family members of immediate relatives of the current U.S. citizens have access to an unlimited number of visas and, consequently, obtain them the quickest. Then, based on the category you fall into and the birth country, the wait could be quite either long or short.

Most Current Information

Visa Bulletin Visa Bulletin is a monthly publication through the United States Department of State. It outlines not just the requirements for different visa categories but also the sub-categories. It also provides the most current information regarding applying for visa numbers. It’s beneficial to be aware of the Visa Bulletin. Bulletin could help you save a lot of research time and stress while you complete the process of applying for a green card.

If you’re thinking about one easy method to obtain green cards, then the Visa Bulletin would be a great starting point.

Most Efficient Methods

The phrase “green card lottery” is often used in discussing the most efficient methods to obtain a green card, and it’s not without reason. Except for immediate family members, the diversity lottery is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to obtain green cards. The catch is that it’s called “diversity”: The U.S. government provides 55,000 visas available to those who are from countries that have low numbers of green applications for green cards. Even if you meet the criteria, the odds of getting a visa are highly dependent on luck because of the massive quantity of applicants.

Citizens & Current Green

Each year every year, they are mostly given to relatives of U.S. citizens and current green cardholders. This is then workers from other nations who seek Employment to work in America. The United States is the next largest category of recipients.

This guide will discuss:

  • Green Card Timeline
  • Green Card Costs
  • Different Types of Green Cards
  • Family-Based Green Card
  • Employment-Based Green Card
  • Humanitarian Green Cards
  • Diversity Lottery Green Card
  • Longtime-Resident Green Card
  • Other Green Cards

Green Card Application

Many foreigners are choosing to make the permanent transition into the United States. The United States and actively exploring the possibilities of doing so. If you’re trying to apply for U.S. Permanent residency, you’ll need to submit a U.S. Green Card Application, which proves that the person who holds it is a legal permanent resident.

Employment Certificate

Your required documents will differ based on the category that you’re applying for the Green Card. If you’re using through your family, you’ll need your family members to prove their support. If you’re applying via Employment, you will require an employment certificate. Contact an immigration specialist to help you organize your documents.

Illegal Immigrants

It’s possible to get it done, but the process of receiving a green card as an illegal immigrant is challenging to complete. There are several methods of getting green cards for illegal immigrants. These options are described briefly, and you’ll want to learn more about a green card.


The most popular method of obtaining green cards as an illegal alien is to marry a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident. It sounds simple, but it’s not. After your marriage is legally valid and you have a good marriage certificate, you can apply for a green card. Since you’re an illegal alien rather than lawfully being a resident within the U.S., you may encounter some difficulties during the process. Anyone who has entered legally into the country but stayed for longer than they are allowed to visit may be able to request a change of status and be accepted for a green card. Anyone who has entered illegally has an even less likely likelihood of receiving green cards.