What OEMs search for in a robotic dealer

What OEMs look for in a robot supplier

Having an commercial robotic which can offer software program manipulate can boom productiveness and protection on your equipment, specially in specific and repetitive operations. Courtesy: TM Robotics

Any gadget with a robot detail calls for integration of automatic technology. For instance, incorporating a conventional robotic arm onto a pick-and-location device or including automatic motion onto in any other case static commercial gadget.

Robotic dealer TM Robotics works along device developers to assist them select the right robotic for his or her utility and is aware the intricacies unique gadget manufacturers (OEMs) want to consider. If you are looking for industrial automation visit this website shop.oem-automation.com


OEMs regularly require greater flexibility than an off-the-shelf robotic can supply. At TM robotics, we accomplice with device developers to create new robotic versions to satisfy their particular wishes. Grabit, a organisation that specialize in electro-static adhesion answers for cloth managing, presents an awesome instance of this.

Grabit become growing a device to automate the substances managing manner to gather the higher of shoes. Intrigued via way of means of the Shibaura Machine’s selective compliance articulated robotic palms (SCARA) robotic variety, Grabit grew to become to TM Robotics for help.

To meet Grabit’s requirements, the Shibaura Machine engineering group in Japan re-dependent a number of the THL1000 SCARA robotic key features. Due to the dimensions of the gripper Grabit deliberate to use, the Japanese engineers maximized the velocity, minimized the cycle time and stopped vibration with a few first-rate tuning of hardware and software program Techktimes.

When selecting a robotic dealer, figuring out the extent of customization they are able to supply is essential. For OEMs with complicated equipment or uncommon packages, embarking on destiny iterations and changes to satisfy customization wishes ought to show to be a lot greater costly.

Robot choice

For clients that aren’t well-versed in robotic terminology, selecting the right device may be daunting. SCARA, six-axis and Cartesian are the 3 maximum not unusualplace commercial robots’ sorts and provide an awesome location to begin for the ones new to robot technology.

SCARA robots are designed to imitate the motion of a human arm, albeit a barely inflexible one. SCARA robots can automate meeting or loading and unloading duties with velocity and precision via way of means of imparting rapid movement withinside the X and Y axis. These robots are best for packages requiring rapid and repeatable movements, like electronics meeting with Marketbusinesstimes.

Six-axis robots provide greater flexibility. Typically, those robots are set up on a pedestal and provide the maximum directional motion. The robotic arm can flow withinside the X, Y and Z planes in addition to positioning itself the use of roll, pitch, and yaw movements.

Cartesian robots use a one-dimensional movement to reinforce excessive reliability. Using among 3 and 4 sliding joins, Cartesian robots are appropriate for instant elements meeting, conveying and switch packages. Focusing on presenting ease of operation, TM Robotics’ variety of Cartesian fashions additionally calls for little-to-no programming. Sometimes, however, an off-the-shelf robotic will suffice.

The ease of programming is a large gain and the ability of product in phrases of attain and payload imply that we will pick out the proper robotic for the assignment in phrases of specification and price.”

Software manipulate

Having an commercial robotic which can offer software program manipulate can boom productiveness and protection on your equipment, specially in specific and repetitive operations. CASI, a consultant device builder of automatic equipment, partnered with TM Robotics to create the Intelligent Box Opening Device (IBOD).

TM Robotics custom designed the inner parameter and programmable good judgment controller (PLC) settings to permit the robotic to reduce containers efficiently. Utilizing this integrated intelligence, IBOD takes readings from image optics and linear displacement sensors to degree the scale of every container earlier than positioning it for slicing.

Software-managed automation we could IBOD reduce containers in line with bespoke specifications.  This additionally allows the robotic to averting damages whilst locating obstruction withinside the slicing manner, along with metallic staples or tape.


Machine developers and OEMs also can gain from education from their robotic dealer. Thorough education can make certain that robotic programming and manipulate is simple – and the OEM isn’t left with a robot device that they aren’t capable of software correctly. It is paramount to make certain the dealer has introduced a compressive education manner and, in which possible, can byskip this technical help onto the OEMs cease users.

ASG, a licensed manufacturer, company for automatic answers, labored along TM Robotics to broaden robot screw feeding answers. “The robustness of the robotic’s palms become one of the key factors in selecting TM Robotics, as we’ve a completely unique geometry with cease of arm tooling (EOAT),” stated Bryon Shafer, popular supervisor of ASG Jergens.